Bands, Callers, & Instructors of the DFO

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Bands List

Anadama (Styles: Contra )
Bliss & Robbie McIntosh (Styles: Contra )
CoinciDance (Styles: Contra )
Escape! (Styles: Contra )
Grafton Street Trio (Styles: Contra)
HeartsEase (Styles: English )
Peter, Paul & George (Arts in education, community/family)
Russet Trio (Styles: Contra )
Set Americain (Family/community dance, contra)
Spare Parts (Styles: Contra )
Tamarack (Styles: Family Community )
Tenpenny Bit (Styles: Contra )
The Border Ruffians (Styles: Contra )
The Free Raisins (Styles: Contra )
Traverse (Celtic, Contra )

Callers List

David Kaynor (Styles: Contra )
Dorothy Cummings (Styles: English )
Fern Bradley (Styles: Contra )
Gail Griffith (Community Dances, Barn Dances)
Luke Donforth (Styles: Contra )
Melanie Axel-Lute (Styles: Contra English )
Mike Kernan (Styles: Contra English )
Nils Fredland (Styles: Contra )
Orly Krasner (Styles: English )
Paul Rosenberg (Community and Family Dance)
Peter Stix (Styles: Contra )
Sarah Van Norstrand (Styles: Contra )
Steve Howland (Styles: Contra )
Val Medve (Styles: English )
Warren Doyle (Styles: Contra )

Instructors List