Gail Griffith (Caller)

Gail Griffith

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Gail has been teaching and calling simple dances to people of all ages and abilities since 1976.  She specializes in dances for people who have never danced before, frequently working with beginners and people with disabilities.

She teaches and calls clearly and concisely, with dances from American, English, Welsh, German, and International Folk traditions.  She teaches many singing dances, as well as dances to live music.

Gail enjoys making historic costumes, and calls appropriate dances in Colonial, Regency, Dutch, Welsh or Victorian costume, for re-enactors.

She calls all around the region, and plays concertina and banjo in the English Country Dance band HeartsEase, as well as cello in the Albany Area Senior Orchestra.

Area: Rensselaer County, NY

Phone: 518-674-3052


Community Dances, Barn Dances