Capital English Country Dancers




Time: 2-5 PM, Intro Workshop 1:30 PM

Admission: For admission, see details...

Location: 405 Washington Ave., Albany, NY (Channing Hall, First Unitarian Universalist Church)

Contact: Nancy Yule

Phone: 477-5684


UPDATE: Kate Barnes and Eric Buddington, instead of Aldo Fabrizi, will be playing with Pat MacPherson.
  • First Sundays, October to May (Note: for 2016, the October dance will be moved to Sunday, September 25th)
  • Season Ticket : $70 (includes Regular Dances + Ice Cream Sunday + Membership)
  • Regular Dances: $12, $10 Capital English CD Members, Free second dance for newcomers to English CD
  • Ice Cream Sunday: $14, $12 Capital English CD Members (includes ice cream sundaes)
  • Capital English CD  Membership: $15