Youth Outreach Committee (DF-YO!)

2013-09-22 14:57:56

The DFO's Youth Outreach Committee (called DF-YO!) is gearing up for a wonderful year by offering grants up to $500 for events that bring youth in contact with traditional music and dance. Have an idea for an event? Submit the application below and get dancing!

Have an idea for an event that brings youth college age and younger in contact with traditional music or dance? Submit the application and you could receive a small stipend to cover part or all of your operating expenses. Grants up to $500 available. Examples of events include teaching dance in school physical education classes, hosting a Family night with a live band, or teaching youth how to play traditional music. if you need suggestions to get started or help finding a band or instructor.

Submissions accepted April 2013 until funds expire

DF-YO! Grant Application